September 21 to 22, 1814 - Drummond's dispatch
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Author:  pud [ Sun Sep 03, 2006 5:20 pm ]
Post subject:  September 21 to 22, 1814 - Drummond's dispatch

**From the Canadian Archives: Leading up to the American attack on the British defense lines at Fort Erie on September 17th, 1814, the British camps were literally pitched in water and some on swampy ground. The September weather saw the nights growing cold, the early morning's were frosty and the enemy harassment was increasing. The result was an increasing sickness amongst the British troops. In fact the recorded weather shows that there were 13 consecutive days of rain prior to the American attack on the 17th (at least at the north-east end of the Niagara River). It's because of these wretched circumstances that Lieutenant General Drummond ordered a retreat to Chippewa. The retreat consisted of moving to within 1 mile of Chippewa (where the battle had raged on July 5th, 1814). And the Glengarry Light Infantry were to form part of the advanced guard. Here are some of Drummond's words:

"If attacked, better conditions would enable the brave handful of troops which I command to at least have the advantage of fighting on ground somewhat open."

**the enemy's pickets attempted to disturb the retreat to Chippewa (which was apparently executed very well) but they were put back by the British. The new camp became occupied on September 22, 1814.

Drummond's orders to the advanced guard were that " should [the enemy] attempt to penetrate towards Chippewa in force [to] guard and prevent the enemy crossing Black Creek."

**for your information the Advanced Guard was composed of the Glengarry Light Infantry, the 9th Dragoons, one light gun, and the Light Companies of the 6th, 82nd, and 97th. They were commanded by Major Stewart but the entire Advanced Guard was commanded by Lt. Col. Battersby.

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